descriptionALICE Offline framework for simulation, reconstruction and analysis
last changeThu, 23 Feb 2017 12:06:00 +0000 (13:06 +0100)
2 days ago dberzanoFix case where no DPMJET is found master
3 days ago rpreghenMinor update to TOF fine-slewing: In case x is < fX...
4 days ago rpreghenAdded dummy fine time-slewing OCDB file
4 days ago rpreghenImplementation of fine time-slewing correction
4 days ago dberzanoDo not install some TPC files from GitHub version
5 days ago jkleinRevert "Update AMPT to version v1.26t7-v2.26t7" v5-08-22
5 days ago jkleinRevert "Fix for AMPT update"
5 days ago ddobrigkAdapt QA and PID response to the new Centrality v5-08-22-rc2
5 days ago ddobrigkAddition of AliMultSelectionBase class for using percen...
5 days ago ddobrigkAddition of AliMultSelectionBase to STEERBase
6 days ago jkleinFix AliDataFile
7 days ago jkleinUse external DPMJET if found v5-08-22-rc1
7 days ago jkleinAdd AliDataFile interface
8 days ago drohrAnother fix for the truncation test: Needs to consider...
8 days ago drohrfix insignificant bit truncation for cluster width...
8 days ago drohrAdd option to reduce number of significant bits also...
5 days ago v5-08-22
5 days ago v5-08-22-rc2
7 days ago v5-08-22-rc1
12 days ago v5-08-21
13 days ago v5-08-13q-p6-cookdedx
13 days ago v5-08-13q-p6
2 weeks ago v5-08-21-rc3
2 weeks ago v5-08-13y-cookdedx
2 weeks ago v5-08-21-rc2
2 weeks ago v5-08-13q-p5-cookdedx
2 weeks ago v5-08-13q-p5
2 weeks ago v5-08-21-rc1
3 weeks ago v5-08-13o-p1-cookdedx
3 weeks ago v5-08-13o-p1
5 weeks ago v5-08-20
5 weeks ago v5-08-20-rc1
2 days ago master
3 days ago feature-hltdev
9 days ago aod-upgrade
13 days ago v5-08-13q-cookdedx-patches
13 days ago v5-08-13q-patches
2 weeks ago v5-08-13-patches
3 weeks ago v5-08-13o-patches
2 months ago prod-hlt
2 months ago ed-detector-dev
2 months ago feature-eve
2 months ago swenzel/VcNewCMakeControlFlow
2 months ago swenzel/AdiabaticExternalVc
2 months ago swenzel/MakeVcExternal
3 months ago swenzel/MakeVcExternal2
3 months ago pcm
3 months ago swenzel/testing
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